Waruka is an Organization for girls who are endangered or victims of forced and early child marriages. We are accommodate teenage girls and sent them to local schools, while training them in sporting activities and artistic performances. When they are 18 years and above we will linking them to high level training camps in the region. Personality Development training will be compulsory. We are teaching them to advocate against child marriage through different mediums that include storytelling and photography (Photo voice) among others.

Waruka Academy are work in schools and local communities and facilitate sports programs and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Education to both boys and girls. We are create girls’ friendly corners were boys and women are champions, watchmen and whistle blowers. Studies in the implication of child marriages are be done at community level. Agro farming is being introduced to the communities as a cure for hunger and poverty which is one of the major root causes. Community Dialogues are be facilitated. Meaningful engagement of adolescent girls and young women

We are currently running a 6 months project in Murehwa district in Musami area based in Marembo Village under Chief Mangwende.